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Feeling Left Out? Five Surprising Insurance Exclusions

When it comes to insurance, unexpected exclusions could mean a lot to your bottom line. So before you purchase coverage (of any kind), make sure the policy you're considering fits your lifestyle, and vice versa. An exclusion in coverage means that--for some reason--your insurance is not required Read More

High Risk Behavior: Are You Covered?

You like to have fun. Maybe too much fun. Your favorite weekend activities include racing your Lotus at the local track, bungee jumping off the Highway 18 Bridge, and doing back flips on the trampoline nestled in the corner of your backyard. During the week, the insurance companies love you. You Read More

Hunting Accidents: Are You Covered?

Have you been injured in a hunting accident? Well?it happens. The safety on your rifle malfunctioned, you brought Elmer Fudd with you, or, on a dare, you wore deer antlers and a tan leather jacket into the backwoods of West Virginia. Regardless of the cause, you're probably more concerned about the Read More

Life, Health, and Homeowners' Insurance Premiums Demystified

"Premium" is one of those words with several totally different meanings, depending on the context. In the context of insurance, a premium is the periodic payment you make to have an insurance policy. Insurance Premium Pricing Factors How much your premium is for any particular type of insurance Read More

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Simple ways to save on car insurance
If you can put in a little time to review your car insurance policy, it's possible to save hundreds, or more, on your annual auto insurance premium. Comparison shop. The No. 1 way to obtain cheap car insurance rates is to compare car insurance Read More...
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    Q. Will my policy pay off my car loan if my car is totaled?
    A. An explanation of what happens if your car is totaled out when you still owe money on your car loan or lease. Read More

    Q. Will car insurance cover my stolen personal items?
    A. If someone steals personal items from your car, will car insurance cover those items? Read More