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Written by Tracy Paige on February 3, 2010 & Posted in Home Insurance

If you own a home, you need home insurance. Your policy protects your financial stability in the event of a disaster. You know your homeowners insurance is there to protect you in the event of a fire, accident, or storm.

However, did you know that your homeowners insurance also provides you with protection outside of damage to your home? Here are a few common features of a standard policy:

  1. Structure. The structure of your house and any other buildings on the property are covered. Structures not attached to the house are generally covered at 10% of your home's insurance
  2. Personal Belongings. This covers your personal belongings inside of your home and outside of your home. It even covers unauthorized spending on your credit cards
  3. Liability. If you, your family, or even your pet, cause bodily injury or property damage to others, liability coverage provides protection and should pay any court expenses. Liability covers you nearly anywhere--not just within the confines of your residence.
  4. Living Expenses. Additional living expenses are paid when have to live somewhere other than your home because of damage or disaster. This may cover hotel bills, restaurant bills, etc.

When you shop for home insurance, be sure to get as many insurance quotes as possible. Since carriers offer free insurance quotes, it is just a matter of putting in the time to get them. One easy way to get a number of quotes is to use the form below to be matched to home insurance companies.

When you get insurance quotes for home insurance, make sure you know a few things:

  • The value of your home
  • A good estimate of the value of your belongings
  • Specific features of your home that may require additional coverage. Things like a swimming pool, hot tub, or a collection of valuable art, may not be covered in a standard homeowners policy

When you are looking at free insurance quotes, look at the natural disasters that are covered within each policy. Do you live in an area prone to flood or earthquakes? These disasters are not generally covered under home insurance, and you may have to buy separate policies for them.

Now that you have some information on homeowners insurance, use the form above to compare quotes from a variety of insurance carriers today.




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