Top 5 Cheapest Vehicles to Insure

Written by Bethany Harris on April 6, 2010 & Posted in Auto Insurance

The new vehicle you purchase can make a difference in what you pay for your auto insurance. While age, gender, driving history, and your credit rating are factors that determine your insurance premiums, buying a car with high safety and collision ratings may keep costs low and can save you money.

These five vehicles are listed among's cheapest cars to insure:

  1. 2010 Kia Sportage: This vehicle holds a five star rating for impact on the frontal driver and passenger side, in addition to five star ratings for side impact of front and rear occupants. Standard safety features include child seat lower anchorage, electronic stability control, front head airbag, and tire pressure monitoring
  2. 2010 Toyota Highlander Sport Utility: With a perfect value rating, the Highlander has four and five star ratings for frontal and side impact, along with a four star rating for rollover resistance
  3. 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan: The five star ratings for frontal and side impact, and four star ratings for rollover resistance gives this vehicle an excellent value rating
  4. 2010 Toyota Sienna: The crash tests rate impressively at four and five stars, in addition to the highest value rating
  5. 2010 Honda Odyssey: Rated perfect in value, the Odyssey has a full list of safety features that come standard, such as dynamic head restraint, advanced airbag features, rear center lap/shoulder belt, adjustable front/rear belts, energy management feature, and child lower seat anchorage. Frontal and side impacts have a rating of five stars, and rollover resistance has four stars

Four and five star collision ratings are consistent among the five vehicles listed as having the affordable auto insurance rates. Vehicles with high collision ratings may pose less risk to insurance carriers--resulting in cheap auto insurance rates. Cars with poor collision ratings cause insurance companies to pay large sums of money in repair costs when there is a claim. In turn, you must pay more in premiums for your auto insurance coverage.

Research is vital to determine the vehicle that has the best ratings and value. Enter your information to find out which auto insurance companies offer the cheapest insurance for your needs.

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Bethany Harris is an internet specialist in the automotive industry, and freelance writer. Her background includes being a state licensed insurance broker, and commercial insurance services professional. With a diploma in public speaking and human relations, she is also a full-time student completing her degree in communications.


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