Is getting married to reduce auto insurance premiums going too far?

Written by Ryan Hurlbert on April 15, 2011 & Posted in Auto Insurance

There was a time when I was about 20 years old that my motorcycle and auto insurance was expensive. I picked up a couple of tickets (not deserved, of course!) and a theft claim when my motorcycle was stolen. I owned a car, two motorcycles, and a just-purchased Jeep. Desperate for help, I asked my agent for cost-cutting inspiration.

"You could sell your Jeep and the motorcycles," he suggested. "Or keep them, and just get married!"

Back then, I lived by the motto "he who dies with the most toys wins" so the first suggestion was out of the question. It was the second suggestion that sounded intriguing to me.

Then as now, the most expensive group to insure was single males, 18 years to 25 years of age. Take out the "single" part, and I was a shoe-in for affordable auto insurance. Never mind that I didn't have a steady girlfriend at the time, much less someone I wanted to commit to spending the rest of my life with; there just had to be a way to pull this off.

Cheap car insurance proposals

I floated the idea past a few of my friends and co-workers. My thought was that my co-conspirator and I could sign the marriage certificate and divorce papers on the same day, and I could simply file one right away and the other a couple of weeks later. My male friends thought I had stumbled onto the perfect solution to my dilemma. The women I asked were not so impressed. Angry, and unimpressed.

I did end up lowering my car insurance premiums a little by paying off the loan on the Jeep and then going with just liability coverage. I changed companies for my motorcycle insurance policy. And I cleaned up my driving a little so I didn't add to the ticket count.

By the time I got married, I was 35. By then, the nuptials made no difference to my premiums. So, I never got to test my theory. I did find out there are infinitely more practical ways to reduce auto insurance premiums, but I will always wonder if getting married in name only would have worked.


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